Don’t Be Your Own Worst Enemy!

You know, it’s not hard to make money online.

In fact with The 30 Minute Workday, it’s so simple that my 8 year old granddaughter could do it. Write one email, hit send, buy some traffic, spend a few minutes learning.

How hard could it be?

Just do it, and the money starts flowing.

The trouble is, most of us get in our own way of success.

And instead of investing in our future income, we spend their money on more instant gratification.

Oh but I got to have the latest and greatest
phone, even though mine still works..

Oh I better get a matching watch phone to, I do
not want to miss any calls..

Oh I need a bigger TV, my 60 inch is not big
enough anymore..

Oh I need a new car, my tire went flat..That’s to
much work to change the tire, easier to just get
a new car..

Oh I need to go out to eat again for the 10th
time this week..I do not have time to cook my
meals, that is a lot of work..

Oh I can not miss my favorite shows on TV even
though they make me sit on the couch and do

Oh I got to buy Alexa, (She, He) can play my
music, wash my back and even do my dishes..UGG?#!

Oh I need a another 5 TVs, they are on sale and I
do not have enough of them..Well its black
Friday, or some holiday sales, I know I just need
those TVs..

What..?? Invest money into buying quality traffic
to build my business and income, what are you
#&*_@ crazy..??? I do not have any money!!

Know anyone like this..??

When you spend money on immediate instant gratification, you will always be broke..and will always be in debt..And will never make a full-time living online..

I guarantee it!

You need to think bigger. Think college bills, buying a house, having enough gold and food stored away for an emergency, an inheritance to leave for your children.

If you do, your biggest delight will be to take that little bit of extra money and sink it into upgrades and traffic for your business. It really is a delight at The 30 Minute Workday, because the rewards are almost instant.

I spent $47 on traffic a few days ago, and as a result, I already have $120 monthly residual income, and will probably have more from it over time, as people who joined my list will get around to starting.

Over six months, that’s $720 return for my $47.

But now I’ll take that extra money and turn it around to make more, until I have the income level I need. How fun is that?

This is an easy and effective wealth machine that I can assure you works if you follow the plan.

Come use it!

PS. Here’s the link to access The 30 Minute Workday to activate your income boost for the day.

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