Best Conversion Sources for August

People are constantly asking me where I get my traffic. I have two main sources. Paid traffic, which is easy and effective, but of course, limited, as it’s expensive.

And viral mailers, formerly known as safelists, or credit mailers. I send out the credit mailers only. No text ads or banners. When I have access to a solo ad, I use that.

Here are some of my stats for August. The mailers are listed in order of conversion rates. The offer was The 30 Minute Workday (Click Here to see the capture page), and conversions are counted as people who typed in their email and joined my list.

MailerTraffic (clicks)SubscriptionsConversion Rate
Virul URL4312.33%
List Nerds30541.31%
Viral Ads Unleashed8411.19%
List Outbreak17621.14%
Build My Downlines45120.44%
Ad Solution Line24010.42%
Email Hog113240.35%
State of the Art Mailer2907100.34%
List Bonus56410.18%
Safelist XL10310.97%
List Joe68310.15%
Infinity Traffic Boost106410.09%
Mister Safelist160410.06%

Using the 30 Minute Workweek, I’m so far getting an average of $5 per subscriber a month. This will increase as people continue to read my emails, but calculating from that number, I have increased my residual monthly income by $150 in the Month of August using mailers alone.

I like to calculate that on average the retention rate will be 6 months, (Some will stay for years, and my ultimate goal is to get enough of those steady people to retire.) But by that calculation, I have earned a total of $900.

I’ve never heard of a list bringing $5 a month. The general number is $1. So Hurrah for The 30 Minute Workday. It’s awesome!

One more juicy piece of information: Most of these mailings are automated using Traffic Zipper. I can take several days off, and the list just keeps growing!

2 Comments on "Best Conversion Sources for August"

  1. debbie how did you lean how to do this

    • A better question would be: “How can I learn how to do this?”
      Just take the first mailer on the list, the name is a link.
      Join, and look around they will have instructions as to how best to use it.

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