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Are Safelists Junk Traffic?

When I teach people to use safelists and they begin clicking for credits, I often hear the following question. "If I am clicking for credits, and not really looking at the ads, that means most of the other people that I sent my ad to, are doing the same thing. How will I ever get results if no one is reading my ad?" They are so right. That's why it takes, on average, 500 to 1000 visits to your page to get one signup. Why then do I recommend them? Well, what are the other options? Either work for hours for each visit in social sites, or purchase paid per view ads in the search engines for up to $10 a view (eek!). Personally, with my upgraded safelist accounts, I can generate several thousand views in 30 min. to an hour. That's a lot less work than reading and responding to hours worth of facebook posts, and since my commissions pay for my safelist upgrades (and more!) there is no cost to post in the safelists. Bottom line: I don't care if I need 1000 views to find that one person who will join me, since it's so easy and consistent to generate the 1000 views. One more huge benefit in safelists is the fact that my audience is super lazer targeted. They are all looking to make money online, and that's what I'm offering! It is true that they are more interested in great deals on free or paid advertizing. That's why promoting other safelists, or a system of safelists and/or text ad exchanges is the most effective use of those safelist credits. THE PLAN will get people in your downline in scores of safelists, and you will only have one thing to promote. Use THE PLAN. Get them in your downline in multiple safelists. Then approach them with the online business of your choice, after they know and trust you. It works every time.


Clicking for Credits Is the Pits

I got a message a few days ago telling me that clicking for credits in all these safelists I've recommended is a full time job. No kidding. I'm sure it would be. Here's a couple things my friend thought that wasn't true. He thought he had to have enough credits to send to everyone on a list before he could send a credit mailer. That would be ideal, but it isn't always practical. I often send to just a few hundred. I figure the one ambitious person I'm looking for that day just might get my ad, even if I send just a few. He thought he had to keep his inbox empty, and process every email that came in every day. (!!) Not. I have millions of emails sitting in my list email account. I skim off the top to get the credits I need and leave the rest in there. Why take the time to keep it empty, when that time could be spent doing things that make money? If my inbox fills up, I'll just make a new gmail account, change my email in my safelist accounts, and carry on. He also thought that all credit links are valuable. Well, yes, but the value varies widely. I click on my contact solos first, then my list solos. I hardly ever touch the lowly credit emails that come into my list email and don't say (SOLO) on therm. They give only a few credits. Here's what I do recommend. Determine an amount of time you will spend clicking for credits. 30 to 60 minutes is reasonable, but if you have only 10 minutes for that, fine, just be consistent. Then, click on all your contact solos and admin emails first. Next go to your list inbox, but do a search for the word "solo" in the subject line. Click on those, and leave the regular emails alone. Don't forget to delete the emails you've used, so you don't try to use them again the next day! Onward and Upward, Debbie Penner

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4 Replies

  1. Hi Debbie, are you still doing 10k Challenge?

  2. admin Mar 6th 2016

    Yes, but I don’t own it any more. It’s great for the safelist training, but for making money, I would use THE PLAN inside Simple Safelist.

  3. Thomas Feb 16th 2016

    Are you still alive Debbie?

    The 10K Challenge looks a bit dusty… as does this website…

  4. admin Mar 5th 2016

    Yes and indeed I am! I’m horrible at blogging, but determined to start up! I write a lot. Should just dump it in here. Always so busy!

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