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Investing in Children

girlsI’ve just spent the last two days researching the best math and Bible courses for 4 to 6 year olds. I felt faintly like I was wasting my time. I mean why should it matter whether one 4 year old gets the very best math or we just copy something free online? Why should I bother to teach the grandkids at all? Little Emma is starting kindergarten next month. Surely that’s enough? I have important Bible lessons to write and teach.

My goals are to lead people to Jesus and disciple them. Teaching toddlers gets in the way. But wait. How many of the people I minister to are willing to spend an hour a day with me? Emma is a person, and leading her to Jesus is just as important as teaching the Japanese people I’m ministering to. Little May is a person too, and needs Jesus just as badly as the most hardened sinner.

I’m NOT wasting my time. Both of them deserve the very best I can offer them. It’s an untold priveledge to invest in their lives.

My final answer comes when little Emma explains her worldview to me. “When I cry, it’s because I’ve forgotten that Jesus is with me. When I remember that Jesus is with me, I don’t need to cry, even when things happen that I don’t like.”

Ah, they are so worth it.

My selections? Apologia for Bible. The 2 year old gets Good Morning God, and Emma, a very precocious age 4 who is “almost” ready for first grade will try¬† ‘Who is God?‘ It’s a world view course which will be perfect, since she’s already been through at least 6 Bible story books. There are three math books I’m going to try. The most interesting is a literature based text called ‘Life of Fred – Apples.’ Next I get to work out what language arts would be best for her. She’s just getting fluent in sounding out three letter words, and can handle a few site words and blends too. I’m so proud of her!

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