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Are Safelists Junk Traffic?

When I teach people to use safelists
and they begin clicking for credits,
I often hear the following question.

“If I am clicking for credits, and not really looking
at the ads, that means most of the other people
that I sent my ad to, are doing the same thing. How
will I ever get results if no one is reading my ad?”

They are so right. That’s why it takes, on average,
500 to 1000 visits to your page to get one signup.

Why then do I recommend them?

Well, what are the other options? Either work for hours
for each visit in social sites, or purchase paid per view
ads in the search engines for up to $10 a view (eek!).

Personally, with my upgraded safelist accounts, I can
generate several thousand views in 30 min. to an hour.
That’s a lot less work than reading and responding to
hours worth of facebook posts, and since my commissions
pay for my safelist upgrades (and more!) there is no cost
to post in the safelists.

Bottom line: I don’t care if I need 1000 views to find that
one person who will join me, since it’s so easy and consistent
to generate the 1000 views.

One more huge benefit in safelists is the fact that my audience
is super lazer targeted. They are all looking to make money
online, and that’s what I’m offering!

It is true that they are more interested in great deals on free or
paid advertizing. That’s why promoting other safelists, or a
system of safelists and/or text ad exchanges is the most
effective use of those safelist credits.

THE PLAN will get people in your downline in scores
of safelists, and you will only have one thing to promote.

Use THE PLAN. Get them in your downline in multiple safelists. Then
approach them with the online business of your choice, after they
know and trust you. It works every time.

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  2. Thanks so much! I changed it to a more recent link.

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