An Eclectic Hodge Podge of Life as a Missionary/Internet Marketer in Japan


Debbie PennerSomeone told me recently that I should be more vulnerable. It seemed to me their definition was, talking more about my problems, and showing my emotions more. Especially when I was sad. I thought about that a bit, and realized, I AM expressing what I really feel most of the time, and what I feel is that life is a barrel of FUN!

For now, there’s birdsong and sunshine, and things to learn, and challenges to accept. There’s amazing people to meet and get to know, and an adorable (of course I would think so) granddaughter to help raise. The world is a mess, but that just brings us all closer to the end, and Heaven and Jesus. I love teaching the Bible, I love my job helping doctors get their research papers published, and I love my new (new to me) house and yard.

Sure, I have problems. My dad is in a persistent vegetative state and there are other, worse problems I can’t mention in public, but the fun far outweighs the trials.

Oh, hey, I have to run. I get to go up to a mountain park with my daughter and family this afternoon. Catch you later!

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  1. Wonderful thanks. You are cheering me up in a unique way.

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